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roofing sheets types and prices

Insulated roofing sheets are often used to insulate garden houses, outbuildings, large sheds and stores. If necessary their contact please, I need address and contact number. Rs 51,000/ Metric Ton Get Latest Price. You can then choose a finishing which meets your needs. Good evening sir,pls,I want to know the price of 0.55mm and how many mm to roof 3 bed room flat.Thanks . This is another popular roofing sheet in Nigeria. All metal roofing can be shipped to you at home. Thanks, Please I need 30 bundles of short length of fifteen sheet per boundle in green color,30 gage thickness. Imran Ayub. Yes, metal roofing can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. Thanks. Am looking forward roofing my house as soon as Covid19 is over and wants coming to your place to make my choice. Here are the prices of some of the most common types of Fibre Britment roofing sheets available in Nigeria. If you consider installing roofing sheets on a house or outbuilding, it is best to choose a sheet with a roof tile pattern. Aluminium panels are most valuable since they cannot rust or pulverise. And can I receive a dealer’s address for a purchase. Lightweight: The lighter the weight of your roofing, the better for your building. Fibre britment roofing sheets cost 3,400 naira per square metre Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheets cost 4,900 naira per square metre. How much. If you’re a stickler for anything the impresses and shows off class, then this is the right option for you. Could you please provide me with contact details of reputable dealers in aluminium coils, prepainted aluminium coils and sheets. your presentation was very good.However,adding roofed houses using different types of roofing sheets highlighted here as pictorial representation of your message will bring the message home to the layman as well as inclusion of the bundle or numbers of roofing sheets span needed to roof different types of houses. Manufacturers of high quality Roofing Sheets in various lengths, profiles and guages. eg multi-rib 8 call for price. .48 bmt zincalume® roofing klip-lok 700 sheets hi strength $14.40 per lineal metre COLORBOND® ENSEAM - 265MM SHEET COVER .55 BMT Decide on your roofing type before doing your woodwork. Do yöu have branch in minna. They are coated with chips from stones fixed on the acrylic film to ensure strength, reliability, and beauty. This is quite interesting. It’ll be of immense illustrative value as its not everyone that knows the various types of products. Roofing Sheets Types and Prices In The Philippines - YouTube On average, prices range between £50 and £200 or more. Color Coated Steel Roofing Sheets, Thickness: 0.15-1.2 mm. Corrugated roof sheets made of bitumen or plastic will last about 15 to 20 years. This service is completely free and noncommittal. The cost of our rib roofs are as follows: 0.4 mm (Gauge 27) is ₱120 per foot, 0.5 mm (Gauge 25) is ₱150 per foot and 0.6 mm (Gauge 24) is ₱180. Cost of roofing sheets. Pls how many square meter of step file can roof a 3 bedroom bungalow? We will only consider roofing sheets available in Nigeria. Using stone-coated roofing is one of the best ways to escape this problem. This post is rich and quite comprehensive. When it comes to beauty, class, elegance and durability, you can only mention a few roofing sheets in the class of Swiss Roofing sheets. at what rate? Click here to receive quotes. Moreover, the stone coat makes the roofing more resistant to heat. asphalt shingle roof; ceiling framing; ceramic clay roof tiles; concrete roof tile; high pressure laminate; insulation; long span roof; polycarbonate sheets; scg smart boards; shinto japanese clay roof … Pls sir, I will like to known if you have branch in Abuja, I will appreciate if you can send your address or phone contacts so will can visit you and see things for our shelf thanks. The wider 48” types are just the right size for large roof areas on homes and businesses. For example, the woodwork for longspan aluminium roofing won’t work for step-tile aluminium roofing. Please send your office address for more enquiries, Good day sir, please how much is long span roofing sheet 0.55mm square meters, Please this prices for aluminum zinc is it for a sheet. You can reach Engr Imran Ayub on 08085310359. Where is your office located in lagos, and how can one be a distributor in another state, the cost and requirements? If you’re not comfortable with the noise made by the impact of the rain on your roof, then stone-coated roofing is your best bet. Standard Longrun Roofing (sheets of profiled steel) Often termed loosely as ‘ COLORSTEEL® roofing ‘ or ‘corrugate’, longrun roofing is manufactured from long sheets of steel roll formed into different profiles, or shapes. Types Of Roofing Sheet And Their Values In Nigeria Market Price List For Stone Coated Step Tiles Roofing Sheet BOND AND CLASSIC DESIGN 0.55mm thicknesses= N2,900 with 50years warranty (manufacturer name boldly stamped on it for confirmation) Even though they are expensive, stone-coated roofing sheets come with the following advantages: Long-lasting beauty: You’re unlikely to find anyone who would dispute the fact that stone-coated roofing is by far more beautiful than options available in Nigeria right now. One downside about aluminium roofing sheets is the noise it makes when rain falls. While there are lots of choices to pick from in the market today, it is important to pick the best for you based on the type of structure and of course, your taste. Not only would he enlighten you on the best options for you, but he’ll also offer you top quality roofing sheets at the best prices available. Hi! I have a project at Osogbo that will require your attention for assessing the quantity of roofing tiles needed by October, 2020….. What is the current price for New Zealand Gerard stone coated roofing tiles in the market? Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheets cost 4,900 naira per square metre. On average, prices range between £50 and £200 or more. Refer the post to get the contact of our recommended roofing sheets dealer in Nigeria. As at June 2020, Metcoppo aluminum roofing sheets have an approximate price of N1,850 per meter for the 0.45mm thickness and N2,150 per meter for the 0.55mm thickness. The changes in price will be determine by many factors such as the merchant’s discount, quantity, location, etc. By using this site you agree to the installation of cookies. Here, we will take a look at the various types of roofing sheets available and how much they go for in the market. So i can get intuch with the sale for details.. Stone-coated roofing requires close-fixing of the underlying wooden framework. Today, one can be overwhelmed with the various types and brands available. What are the shipping options for metal roofing? Thanks. Still speechless on what to say but lemme start by saying, Thank God we got to know each other using Google search for trusted roofing sheet dealer. Info & price guidelines about roofing services. As for the price, they often cost three times as much as plastic or bitumen roofing sheets. In fact, it ruled the market and was on everyone’s lip at that moment. Note that the prices of building materials vary and can change anytime. On the other hand, the aluminium sheets also last five times as long (at least!). A good example is the various types of roofing sheets. This is largely due to how expensive they are. Cherry on the cake: they cannot be distinguished from classic roofing materials like slates and roof tiles. Please enlist your other office(s) apart from Lagos, if you have other office(s) to easily reach you. The price of insulated roof sheets is determined by three big factors: the construction, the insulation value and the finishing layer. You are a good man and I appreciate doing business with you Engr. I want to know the price of Asbestos sheet and the types of feet it has. Therefore, you would be well advised to compare prices from different specialists. They can be used in both open and close valley designs. Pls I need urgent reply since the wooding is already complited, i would like to know if you have a branch in Imo state. Some roofing sheets last longer than the others. Ayyub. Edos state in particular. Class 3 Hex Flange Head + EPDM Seal self drilling No. As they are less durable than other types of roofing sheets, they are mainly used as garden sheds or for covering temporary structures. It will interest you to know this type of roofing sheet do not get rust and to be sincere, it is the costliest material for the 0.5mm cost about 3000naira. How much is the metcoppo aluminium zinc bundle, Can i see your place of sale in makurdi Benue state? The roofing sheet is made from steel or similar metal sheets. For many years, the corrugated roof sheet was the undisputed king when it came to roof finishings. search for: search. frp roofing sheets. You can reach him on 08085310359. Thanks. I have all 32 pieces available for $2150. Here are the prices of some types of aluminium roofing sheets available in Nigeria. Greetings of peace. Roof sheets in the shape of roof tiles are available in many colours, just like the cover plugs for the screws. 3 drill point No.12-14 x 38mm long into steel or Type 17 drill point No.12-11 x65mm long into timber This has attracted lots of mattress manufacturers all over the world and hence, the introduction of various types of roofing sheets to the market. Galvanized materials and coatings are to the requirements of ASTM A653/A653M, "Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-Coated (Galvannealed) by the Hot Dip process." Your engineer have informed me that there are different types of stone coated roofing tiles we have China who have Korea and European standards and the price you reflected in your post is that of China and lenlghting us on the advantages of using European tiles which happens to be twice as costly as what you have on your post thank you, Hello sir, please can I get your contact so that I can communicate with with u. Roofing sheets are available in different types and sizes. Then we recommend Engr. If not pls clarify. I advise everyone reading this to continue or try to patronize my new friend. They are not the most popular roofing sheet type in Nigeria. The installation is done very quickly and the roof is neatly finished on both the inside and outside. Thank you soo much for this. If you insulate the inside of the roof afterwards, you will save some money and get a better insulation value as well. Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets Price . © 2020 - Buldit Ltd. - All rights reserved. In this post, we will take a look at the various types of roofing sheets in Nigeria and how much they cost in the market. color coated roofing sheet. we sell in wholesale.. our office is in Onitsha.. contact me 07066839381, Would have love to see the pictures of other types of roofing sheets mentioned too. Am a marker if you don’t mind I can be of help to you. Some firms also offer various coatings, depending on the required strength. Here are the prices of some of the most common types of Fibre Britment roofing sheets available in Nigeria. They are very effective for less cost. Fibre britment roofing sheets—- 2,300 naira per square metre Fibre britment step-tile roofing sheets—-3,500 naira per square metre. Most dealers every guarantee over 50 years usage of the roofing sheet irrespective of the change in weather or temperature. From a distance, these look similar to real roof tiles and they give your house more character. polycarbonate roofing sheet. Roofing sheets vary in sizes, designs, quality and prices. Good morning, please what’s the cost of 290 square meters of Long span roofing sheet for 4.5mm and cost of transporting it to Iba New Site along LASU – IGANDO road. I want to know how much it will cost me to roof my house in delta state with aluminum longs pan kindly get back to me asap thanks, Can u tell me the cost of 0.55 long Span aluminum roof in sqm not in metres or if possible d size of the aluminum sheet, Do you have branch in akwa ibom How much is 0.45 longspan in akwa ibom. If yes, I would like you to visit my site at Barakallahu in Rigachikun Kaduna state to take measurement of my house for roofing. Roofing sheets has a special way of beautifying a building and it only makes picking the right colour, design and type more important. With hundreds of profiles and a great color range to choose from longrun roofing suits any shape of home. Thanks. Thanks, Please how can I get the Metcoppo aluminium 15 bundle to Sapele of 0.55mm, I need roofing quotation of Metcoppo aluminium on a four selfcontain flat building.. my location is between sapele and Effurun. Swiss Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria Types of Roofing Sheets in Nigeria & Their Prices (2020), A. Stone-Coated Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria, Here are prices of the various stone-coated roofing sheet designs, Pictures of various designs of stone-coated roofing sheets, Advantages of stone-coated roofing sheets, Aluminium Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria, Pictures of the various designs of aluminium roofing sheets, Fibre Britment Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria, Swiss Roofing Sheets: Types & Prices in Nigeria, Read This Before Choosing Your Roofing Sheet: Important Notes, Trusted Roofing Sheets Dealer in Nigeria: Our Recommendation, Floor Tiles Prices in Nigeria (Per Square Meter) 2020, Price of SMC Ceiling Fans in Nigeria (2020), Prices of Land in Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria (2020), Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria (2020), Current Price of Cement in Nigeria Today (December 2020), Cost of Borehole Drilling in Nigeria in 2020, Cost of Bathtubs in Nigeria (December 2020), Prices of Security Doors in Nigeria (2020), Cost of Building a Duplex in Nigeria in 2020, Cost of Aluminium Roofing Sheets in Nigeria (2020), Cost of Building a 3-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria (2020), Dangote Cement Price Today (December 2020), 1500L Water Tank Prices in Nigeria (December 2020), White Cement Price in Nigeria (2020 Updates), Water Storage Tank Price List in Nigeria (2020), Turkish Doors Prices in Nigeria (December 2020), Prices of Doors in Nigeria (December 2020), Milano design – 0.55 mm thick – N3,100 per square meter, Bond design — 0.55 mm thick — N3,000 per square meter, Shingles design – 0.55 mm thick – N3,100 per square meter, Wooden Shake design – 0.55 mm thick – N3,100 per square meter, Roman design – 0.55 mm thick – N3,100 per square meter, Fibre britment roofing sheets cost 3,400 naira per square metre. In this way, you will have a clear image of the total costs. Trapezoidal sheets are available in every colour and with an anti-condensation film. Roofing sheets are one of the most important materials required for a building project. I need a trustworthy dealer who can supply me step tiles 455 meter square black colour. If you want to minimize heat in your building during the sunny season, go for stone-coated roofing. This is because the woodwork for a type of roofing might not be usable for another type. The lengths are 8x3. Dimensions please. This is because heavy roofing puts excess burden on the building structure and can lead to cracks or even breakdown in buildings that are not well constructed. Please why not add images of products for easy identification. This type of roof sheet combines durability with elegance. Gone are the days when there are just few brands of roofing sheets in the country. These large-format strips of thin roofing material offer a fast, convenient, and inexpensive way to cover a sloped-roof building like a workshop where appearances aren't important. I would need a roofing quotation for a 6 bedroom duplex for metcoppo aluminium sheet. Hello sir how many pieces long span can cover 4bedroom falt. load more. However, the woodwork for stone-coated roofing can work for any type of roofing. A need a good rate. Metcoppo Aluminum roofing sheet OTHER TYPES OF ROOFING SHEETS A standard Swiss Roofing sheet costs between N4,000 – N5,000 per square meter. I need your office address and phone number to come and check it by myself. Please what is the average price of standard plastic roofing sheet 2m-4m wide and 50m or 60m long of minimum of 0.150mm-0.2mm thickness? They mainly owe their popularity to the fact that they have the cheapest production process. We also give various discounts depending on the size of the project. Sir, How much is bundle of iron zinc,how many sheets per bundle and the cost price? Do you need a trusted and highly experienced roofing sheets dealer that can deliver anywhere in Nigeria? Could you please provide me with contact details of reputable dealers in aluminium roofing sheets. (But they deliver nationwide). Valley Flashings protect the intersection where two roof planes meet, and they direct rainwater runoff away from the roof. Similarly, the woodwork for step-tile aluminium won’t work for stone-coated roofing. In this article, you can find a survey of all roofing sheets and their properties. Metal Roofing Prices Corrugated Roofing, Gauge 26 (0.551 mm x 2.44mm) SQ M 420.00 Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet GA 26, Long Span SQ M 475.00 Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet GA 26, 2.44m SQ M 478.00 Pre-painted Gutter, GA 24(0.701 mm) x 2.44m LN.M 355.00 Ordinary Gutter, GA 24 (0.701 mm) x… However, you can still buy these sheets today in plastic, aluminium or bitumen. If you have the opportunity to insulate the roof from the inside, you can also request a quote for this job right away. METAL ROOFING: Region I – (4th Quarter of 2018) Material Description: Unit Ave. Price (Php) Corrugated Roofing, Gauge 26 (0.51mm x 2.44mm) sqm 254.00: Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet Ga. 26 Long Span: sqm 373.00: Pre-painted Metal Roofing Sheet Ga. 26 x 2.44m: sqm DBS Industries Limited. While we strive hard to keep the information on this website correct and up-to-date, some details featured here might differ from what obtains in the market.

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